Function Generator using MicroDAQ

Function generator is a signal source that has capability of producing different waveform as its output signal. The most common waveforms are Sine waves, Square waves, Triangular waves & Sawtooth waves. Function generators are used in the development, test and repair of electronic equipment.
We can control and configure function generators directly from SCILAB_XCOS using MicroDAQ Toolbox. We can create the waveforms in SCILAB_XCOS and use the toolbox to upload them to the instrument. We can also build graphical interfaces to verify device performance, compare real-world data to models created in SCILAB_XCOS and automate the tests.
The MicroDAQ E1100/E1100 is a DSP real-time control measurement device designed to solve complex problems.This device combines TI C6000 fixes/floating point DSP core and an ARM9 core. The MicroDAQ E1100 is equipped with up to 8 channel analog input with a sample rate of upto 166 KSPS.

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