Advanced Robotic Workshop @ RNSIT College, Bangalore.

A two-day Advanced Robotic Workshop was conducted for the students at the RNSIT College, Bangalore from  2-10-2015 to 4-10-2015. This workshop was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (RNSIT, Bangalore) in association with Tenet Technetronics. Department of ECE is the key for the very successful development of this workshop.



With so much of buzz these days on the ecommerce heavy weights trying to put up big warehouses in the country it is evident that one of major requirements that would emerge is the need for smart systems like robots, pick and place machines, packaging machines, connected systems ..etc. Our intention through this workshop was to educate students on building mechanical miniature sized robots as well as give an introduction on how the electronics as well as programming for achieving some trajectory should be achieved


  It was two days of this Robotics Workshop for the uninitiated and robotics enthusiasts. This workshop involved building a robot using Arduino UNO and introduces to the students the concepts of programming for robots. This hands-on fun-filled workshop not only introduces students to the basics of robotics but also ignites in them the passion for research and product development in the fields of robotics and embedded systems.

Here are the some of the pictures of robots taken during the completion of the workshop.


It was a very interactive workshop, the students at RNSIT, Bangalore were exited all through the session and the training session went in a pleasant manner with lot of knowledge sharing between the trainers and students. The interaction with the students was so good and college members were so co-operative.  At the end of the workshop students created their own gesture robot and wireless RF robots and some more robots.

It was great pleasure for TENET TECHNETRONICS having conducted thisworkshop on Advanced Robotics in one of the prestigiouscollege like RNSIT, Bangalore.

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