Seminar on Advances in Wireless Communication Technology with Software Defined Radio (USRP & GNU Radio)@ NIT Warangal

National Institute of Technology, Warangal (Deemed University)with nearly 3355 (UG: 2251 &PG: 1104) students apart from nearly 269 Ph.D., (150 Full Time and 119 Part time) Scholars. NITW has announced a Five day continuing education and training program on Advances in Wireless Communication Networks (CETP-AWCN) from 29th September- 3rd October, 2015.

On this regard Tenet Technetronics educational department Tenet Varsity was invited to conduct a seminar on Software Defined Radio (SDR) using USRP & GNU Radio. In which Tenet Varsity team provided the complete knowledge on Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) devices with GNU Radio  by explaining them the concepts on modulation techniques, MIMO, present wireless communication techniques such as 4G& 5G and finally our team went on discussing on USRP Applications. This time around we had a class full of graduates from the Master’s program, Faculties and researchers from various colleges across INDIA and it wasan interactive session where students pooled in a lot of questionaries’ during the seminar and really got involved and noted the tips to get something running on the platform.

All in all a great experience for us and great thanks to the organizers who managed to put up an hassle free setup for us to get the seminar moving smoother& successful.

Here are some of the Pictures of the seminar.



Objective of Seminar:

Wireless communication networks are the important and rapidly growing segment in the global information and communication technologies (ICT).

The objective of the program is to give in depth knowledge, research trends and advances in wireless communication networks focusing on 4G & 5G networks, with management of small cells, software defined networks and sensor networks through lectures, interactive sessions, demos and discussions.

The list of program contents is:

Review of wireless communication, CDMA, MIMO, OFDMA.

  1. 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G trends and technologies.
  2. Co-operative and relay networks.
  3. Offloading in 5G Networks – (i) D2D offloading, (ii) Wi-Fi Offloading, (iii) Licensed Access Access in LTE (LAA).
  4. SDN Network Challenges, Architecture, Deployment Use Cases, Live Demo, and Programming Overview.
  5. Wireless Sensor Networks.


If your institution is interested to conduct a workshop/seminar, please do send us an email at and our training department can assist as well!






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