Independence week Offer

As the Independence Day is arriving Tenet Technetronics is all set to offer discounts on various products and here comes an offer with our PIR sensor line card.

PIR motion sensorcan be used to detect changes in infrared radiation levels. The sensor is split in half, and any significant difference in IR levels between the two sections of the sensor will cause the signal pin to swing HIGH or LOW. Hence it can be used as a motion detector when IR levels move across and trigger the sensor (eg. human movement across a room).

The potentiometers are used to adjust the amount of time the sensor remains “on” and “off” after being triggered.


Now start playing with PIR sensor through Arduino, Raspberry Pi, just for rupees 200 INR (Inclusive of taxes).

Start Grabbing the PIR sensor at the earliest.

Hurry up! Offer ends till stocks last!

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