Getting started with X310 USRP…

X series Universal Software Radio Peripheral from Ettus Research has set the new standards in Software Defined Radio..!!!

Today’s wireless engineers face a number of fascinating challenges and also, with the exponentially increasing demand for data, there is an expectation that wireless technology will evolve at a faster pace.

Evolution in communication technology made us to have a look on high-performance Universal Software Radio Peripheral. X series USRP is created to support advanced research, and allow engineers to pave the way for faster data services for a global civilization.  The USRP X300/X310 was designed to meet the demands of research areas like next generation 5G wireless standard prototyping, multi-channel spectrum scanning and analysis, and even active radar prototyping and development.

We would take an opportunity to paint a picture on X series features and discuss about the new applications.

To know more on the X series feature, please click on the link below.

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