Gaussian frequency-shift keying with GNU Radio

Modulation plays a very important role in communication.  During the inception of communication there are some analog modulation technics are used, As time roles digital modulation technics are emerged.

We going to discuss about one such modulation technic known as Gaussian frequency shift keying

A GFSK modulator is similar to a FSK modulator, except that before the baseband waveform goes into the FSK modulator, it is passed through a Gaussian filter to make the transitions smoother so to limit its spectral width. Gaussian filtering is a standard way for reducing spectral width

Let’s understand GFSK technic with the help of GNU Radio.

GNU Radio is an open source software tool. Blocks in GNU Radio companion is to generate and process a waveform and GNU Radio companion comes with some modulation blocks which helps to demonstrate modulation technics.

Gaussian frequency shift keying (GFSK) is a modulation method used in many standards such as Cordless Telecommunications and Bluetooth.

GFSK accounts to translating symbols into a signals that transmitting side can send into a transmission medium and from which the receiving side can recover the original symbols.

To carry out GFSK technic in GNU Radio companion we need to use GFSK block and for generation and visualization of waveform we use source and scope sink blocks.

                                      f1                       f2

To know more about implementation of GFSK in GNU Radio companion, please click on the link for the application note below,

Gaussian Frequency-shift Keying With GNU Radio

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