How Geared DC Motor is useful for ROBOT

In robots, we were using a normal DC motor to control the movement. We were able to control the movement of the robot in forward, reverse, right and left movements very well. But controlling the robot to cover a particular distance was quite difficult.

How to overcome this issue?

We know that Encoders are used to count the rotations.  This is even applicable for counting the rotations of a wheel. For example, if we set the motor rotations to 10 numbers, the wheel rotation must be exactly 10 rotations. But there again lies an issue wherein the motor stops with extra 1 to 2 rotations. Now lies the task of controlling the exact rotations needed.

After extensive research, we were able to come across a motor called DC Geared Motor. It has a far better capability to control the rotations than the normal DC Motor.

DC gear motor is a DC motor which has an extension built on to it to “gear down” the rotation. Essentially, a series of gears makes the rotation of the motor move more slowly for particular uses. DC gear motors are normal DC motors which have been geared down to decrease their speed and increase their torque.

Normal dc motor:


Geared DC Motor:


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