ARM Workshop @ Tenet Technetronics…

As i indicated in my previous posts we are working on a lot of exciting workshops and training programs for the month of August.

Finally we are ready to host the ARM workshop at Tenet Varsity. It’s been a while since we hosted a new workshop module that niches the present day technology. So it’s time to learn about the industries most wanted technology, Advanced RISC Machine (ARM).



The module for this workshop is designed with a right combination of theory as well as practical sessions. Here in this workshop we will teach you with the usual manner of hands on training with ARM Cortex Controller. Also you will be completely exposed to ARM Cortex hardware architecture, peripherals, I/O’s and Programming environment. And you will be given chance to interface the ARM cortex development board with many kinds of sensors. This workshop consists 4 sessions’ spread across two days.

This workshop would definitely serve as a jump start platform and get a hang of the whole new exciting world of advance microcontrollers and of course serve as an eye opener into the different set of applications that could be achieved using these little tiny innovative circuit boards!

We also have made the sessions and the course setup that are posted online. Please visit our Tenet Varsity website to know more about the detailed syllabi.

So hurry up and enrol yourself for this amazing training experience by contacting our training and workshop team at

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