Hexiwear- Compact, wearable cool form factor Style and usability of a high-end consumer device in a dev kit

Are You Looking for something preeminent than regular Fitness band to imply in your day to day life style?? Find your Right choice “Hexiwear- Compact, wearable cool form factor Style and usability of a high-end consumer device in a dev kit“

Dip your toes into IoT development with a single Hexiwear. Pair it with your smartphone and stream a wealth of sensor data to a cloud. You can always expand it later with additional accessories.

One or the other way everyone needs Aesthetic design to match their fashion life, Eye catching smart watch form factor to fit perfectly on their hand, Need multiple activity trackable sensors on single platform  and the last but not least power source is the major concern.

Don’t you feel excited if your expectation to meet fill in the single Product??

Yes..!! Check out New Hexiwear Enhanced by NXP and designed by Microelectronika.



Compact, wearable cool form factor Style and usability of a high-end consumer device in a dev kit. Efficiency and low power consumption. Powered by Kinetis K64 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4 MCU. Features several advanced NXP sensors. Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy. Works with compatible iOS/Android apps. Connects to the cloud.

Hexiwear is funded on Kickstarter, reaching 250% of intended goal. Hexiwear has several preloaded applications that let you use it out of the box – but it will become your own only when you create new firmware. Bring forth your own ideas and discover Hexiwear’s full potential! Over The Air Programming lets you upload a HEX file directly from the smartphone app. alternatively, the docking station has an onboard programmer – all you need is a USB cable.


Core functionality can be enhanced with hundreds of sensors and transceivers through click boards.


Connect with devices nearby or cloud servers far away:        

Android and iOS apps for Hexiwear are available. Download them from Google Play or the App Store.

Open Source:

Kinetis Design Studio source files and complete hardware layouts and schematics freely available (Kinetis Design Studio, Kinetis SDK).


Packed with sensors to quantify yourself and the world around you.



  • MCU: NXP Kinetis K64x MCU (ARM® Cortex®-M4, 120 MHz, 1M Flash, 256K SRAM)
  • BLE: NXP Kinetis KW4x (ARM® Cortex®-M0+, Bluetooth Low Energy & 802.15.4 Wireless MCU)
  • 3D Accelerometer and 3D Magnetometer: NXP FXOS8700CQ
  • 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope: NXP FXAS21002
  • Absolute Digital Pressure sensor: NXP MPL3115A2R1
  • 600 mA Single-cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Battery Charger: NXP MC34671
  • Light-to-digital converter, Digital humidity and temperature sensor, Heart-rate sensor
  • 1” full color OLED display
  • Haptic feedback engine
  • 190 mAh 2C Li-Po battery
  • Capacitive touch interface

Microelectronika Says “By partnering with NXP, one of the leading producers of microcontrollers and sensors, we were able to create a top performing product at a low overall cost”

Now Hexiwear is available at Tenet Technetronics-one of the leading distributors of electronic development tools.

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