– A dedicated electronic store for components from Tenet Technetronics

It gives us immense pleasure as like any year in the past to expand and focus more on serving customers . In this perspective a long term wish from our customers is to provide a store that only caters to buying components that helps in building projects and products with a very good customer experience. is a website dedicated to make available components that are available in India through local market predominantly with easy access so that as an engineer one need not take the pain to visit these physical stores to buy them. All the products listed are with the least lead time (shipping real time or within 1-3 days) so that there is assured delivery and reliability.

We also plan to create sections to allow vendors to also offer their products exclusively through our stores so that you always get the best price and bank for the buck.


If you are a student/hobbyist/professional/scientist looking for components this webstore is geared towards making your component sourcing phase seamless. Guess what you could also email your excel/BOM straight to us at and the executives on board can help also manually help.

Some use cases that the current store satisfies:

  • Customer can order any minimum quantity
  • If you do not find a component you could send us an email and we would source/add with assured addition of the product to the line card within no time.
  • A simple resistor/capacitor/berg wire..etc do not wire. Order them online through the store and sit relaxed and it should reach your desk with the assured delivery.
  • Monday-Saturday telephonic support available on helping customers process order from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm and post this support is offered through email.
  • Any local electronic shop product can be inquired and bought from the store.
  • One can order and pick up even components from the store conveniently in case you prefer to not get the products shipped.
  • Saves the hazzle of driving down busy streets /parking hassles and of course fear of failed components and makes life easier. Leave the burden of “Sourcing components for you “
  • All leading online payment methods (credit cards/debit cards) accepted.