Installing Compose – Numerical Computing package on Ubuntu machines

Tenet Technetronics is an authorized distributor for Altair’s Hyperworks suite of products and here is a blog spot that is dedicated to look at one of the software package called Compose.

Compose is a simple to use tool that offers a wide range of capabilities and this particular blog post is dedicated towards learning how to get the compose environment up and running on a machine that is running Ubuntu.

Here are the steps involved to get Compose up and running. At the end of the post is also an URL from where one could download the overall user manual as well.

So lets get started

Step1: Download a copy of the installer from


Step 2: You should now have a copy of the zip file.

Step 3: Unzip the installer using a unzip utility or through the terminal

Step4 : You now have the unzipped file in the form of a .bin file.

Step 5: Please make sure you now change the permissions to give full permissions to read/write and execute so that you can run the .bin file in ubuntu with the command below in a terminal.

> chmod 777 Compose_2017.3_Linux.bin

Step 5: Now run the .bin installer file and you should be able to install using the install wizard

> ./Compose_2017.3_Linux.bin

Step6: Follow the steps and get the program installed. Now when you launch the Compose from the terminal from the folder that is installed you should see a window that pops up a license manager that prompts for a license file.

Step 7: When you click on Ok you will now be prompted to point out the license file path

Step 8: Now point to the license file obtained from the Solidthing website and select the option I have my license file and activate now option and browse and select the license file.

With that you should now be able to launch Compose and start your next data exploration, numerical computing project happily !!


Stay tuned to our series of blogs on Compose for Data visualization, Math programming and python programming using Compose. In case you are an educational/corporate/research organization who would want to use Compose please feel free to explore with us opportunities to evaluate/procure as well as learn more at


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