VTune Amplifier performance profiler is a commercial application for software performance analysis of 32 and 64-bit x86 based machines. It has both a GUI (graphical user interface) and command line and comes in versions for Linux or Microsoft Windows operating systems.


  1. Intel VTune Amplifier is a performance analysis tool for users developing serial and multi threaded applications.
  2. Use the VTune Amplifier to locate or determine the following:
  • The most time-consuming (hot) functions in your application and/or on the whole system
  • Sections of code that do not effectively utilize available processor time
  • The best sections of code to optimize for sequential performance and for threaded performance
  • Synchronization objects that affect the application performance
  • Whether, where, and why your application spends time on input/output operations
  • The performance impact of different synchronization methods, different numbers of threads, or different algorithms
  • Thread activity and transitions
  • Hardware-related issues in your code such as data sharing, cache misses, branch misprediction, and others
  1. VTune Amplifier can be installed on Windows*, macOS*, and Linux* platforms.
  2. VTune Amplifier for Systems introduces the following types of analysis:
  • Performance analysis: Find serial and parallel code bottlenecks, analyze algorithm choices, GPU engines usage, and understand where and how your application can benefit from available hardware resources. This type of analysis is supported for Android*, Windows (local only), and Linux targets.
  • Energy analysis: Analyze power consumption and identify the cause of the wake-ups that waste energy. This type of analysis is supported for Android, Windows, and Linux targets.


Here are the following results we have been generated using Intel Vtune amplifer.

File accessed : Mozila firefox (.exe)


Intel VTUNE Amplifier by salaideva thirumani on Scribd

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