MicroDAQ Hardware Access Blocks_1

MicroDAQ toolbox combines Scilab/XCos environment with Embedded Solutions. MicroDAQ real-time control measurement system equipped with TI C6000 DSP. Module extends Scilab by allowing user to automatically generate DSP applications directly from XCos scheme. User can use custom XCos blocks, which gives access to MicroDAQ hardware (ADC, DAC, DIO, PWM, UART, and Quadrature Encoder). A DSP application generated can utilize SYS/BIOS real-time operating system combined with code generated from XCos scheme.

Libraries of blocks allow seamless to create Models/Diagrams in either XCOS/SIMULINK/NI Labview and also create optimized C-Code, Compile and link with the target compiler and download it for deployment. In addition to this the platform allows for high frequency real-time data acquisition to capture or tune parameters from the hardware in real-time.

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