FFT Plot – MicroDAQ

In this application note we are combining combine real-time DSP processing with standard Scilab script. In examples you can find fft_demo.sce script which utilizes this XCos model to compute FFT. This is an analog loop example, AI1(analog input 1) and AO1 (analog output 1 needs) to be wired to see result on FFT plot. Generated DSP application is running with 5kHz frequency, it calculates sine waveform which is generated at the DAC output. Data from ADC is used in scipt to calculate FFT with standard Scilab fft function.
MicroDAQ is an ideal platform for developers, scientists and geeks involved in real-time measurement and control development. The platform supports design flows from popular model based tools like SCILAB, MATLAB, and LABVIEW. The user has the choice to either go with a complete open source software toolchain or with the existing access to proprietary tools in the house.

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