Model Based Development Software driven MicroDaq Real-time Control and Measurement hardware now available through Tenet Technetronics in India

The adoption of Model Based Design in the recent years in increasingly seen as a trend and we realized that it is also an important factor to have the right combination of software and hardware that can work seamlessly. In this view Tenet Technetronics now offers with its new distribution alliance with Embedded Solutions their flagship product the “MicroDAQ”.
MicroDAQ is an ideal platform for developers, scientists and geeks involved in real-time measurement and control development. The platform supports design flows from popular model based tools like SCILAB, MATLAB, and LABVIEW. The user has the choice to either go with a complete open source software toolchain or with the existing access to proprietary tools in house.
Libraries of blocks allow seamless to create Models/Diagrams in either XCOS/SIMULINK/NI Labview and also create optimized C-Code, Compile and link with the target compiler and download it for deployment. In addition to this the platform allows for high frequency real-time data acquisition to capture or tune parameters from the hardware in real-time.
Tenet Technetronics offers these tools as well as helps customers ramp up their skills on use of MBD as a design practice. With not much to spend on the software given the complete open source based software support for the hardware, MicroDAQ devices today find itself adopted in great applications in various key areas in automotive industries, embedded industries, metrological stations, universities and so on .With all these features packed in we feel that microdaq would be an ideal choice for your next Control system, signal processing, Data Analysis, Data acquisition projects!

In upcoming weeks we also plan to showcase more detailed insight into the products and applications notes centred on the MicroDAQ product. So stay tuned.
As always if you would like to get more info or support or a demo (live or web based ) let us know and we will be more than happy to organize a session and for queries please feel free to write to us at