8th Dev and Wireless Embedded Systems Workshop

Two days Wireless Embedded System Workshop was conducted at the K S Institute of Technology, Bangalore for the students of ECE (Electronics Communication Engineering) and TCE (Tele Communication Engineering). This workshop was organized by IETE (The Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers) in association with Tenet Technetronics.


An Introduction to 8th Dev software & Arduino on wireless topics like Bluetooth, ZigBee and RF (Radio Frequency) Communication module was taken up for the workshop sessions.

The day in KSIT started with prayer and followed by warm wishes from the principle and faculty.

We planned the two days of workshop with four sessions.


a) Introduction to Wireless Communication & need for wireless communication.

b) Complete information about Arduino board & Arduino IDE.


a) Interfacing of LED, Pushbutton, Buzzer and LDR with Arduino.


a) Basics of Bluetooth & interfacing of Bluetooth with Arduino.

b) Interfacing of motor & operating of motor with Bluetooth by using Arduino.


a) Introduction to ZigBee module & how to communicate between two ZigBee’s.

b) Introduction to RF transceiver module and how to communicate between them.

c) Introduction to 8th Dev Software and advantages when compared to other software.


The entire workshop was about wireless communication by interfacing Bluetooth, ZigBee and RF transceiver module with Arduino board. Arduino is an open source where the programmer can write their own code. Arduino IDE is freely available.

  • By interfacing Bluetooth with Arduino students were able to communicate wirelessly by sending text from their smart phone.
  • By interfacing ZigBee module with Arduino students were able to communicate wirelessly between two ZigBee modules.
  • By interfacing RF transceiver module with Arduino students were able to communicate wirelessly between the transmitter and receiver.

During the last half session students were provided with the information about the 8th Dev software. 8th Dev is a revolutionary cross-platform. It leads developers to easily create applications for Android, IOS, Windows, OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi using the same source code and with the same UI (User Interface).


The entire workshop went on with a lot of interactions between the students & faculties. The interaction with the students was so good and college members were so co-operative.  At the end of the workshop students were able to learn and perform the wireless communications using Bluetooth, ZigBee and RF Transceiver. It is great honor and pleasure to TENET TECHNETRONICS for conducting a workshop on 8th Dev and Arduino in one of the reputed college like K S Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

For more information & hosting a similar workshop in your institution, feel free to contact us at info@tenettech.com