Aaron High-Tech teams with Tenet Technetronics to distribute "8th" secure programming system

Aaron High-Tech, the developers and owners of the “8th” secure, cross-platform programming language, announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Tenet Technetronics Bangalore India.

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Aaron High-Tech, Ltd., the developers and owners of the “8th” secure, cross-platform programming language (http://8th-dev.com/), announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Tenet Technetronics, a leading Indian electronics and technical services firm. Under the agreement, Tenet will distribute and provide technical support on the 8th programming product in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and the ASEAN countries

This agreement coincides with an expansion of “8th” licensing options, ranging from student and hobbyist offerings through professional and enterprise solutions, as well as custom OEM versions.

About Aaron High-Tech, Ltd.

Aaron High-Tech is an Israeli software development company which specializes in cross-platform software solutions. Its flagship product, “8th”, has been well received, particularly in the high-end embedded arena. Aaron High-Tech seeks to expand its IoT offerings and to capitalize on the experience that Tenet brings to bear in that area.

About Tenet Technetronics

Tenet Technetronics develops as well as distributes electronic development tools and services across the globe. They develop and distribute commercial off-the-shelf technology tools and innovations, with a well organized support structure enabling optimum utilization of the solutions that they deliver.

Tenet addresses the needs of large multinationals, governments, defence, educational, research institutions, artists and hobbyists in various domains inclusive of but not limited to physical computing, automotive, electronics, embedded systems, sensor networks and many more.

What’s Next ?

We invite all our customers to try out the 8th programming language and explore the new beautiful way of carrying out cross platform development. We also invite you to give this new language a shot and download a trial copy of the programming language to get a hang of the every growing list of features of this beautiful language.

How to buy and Where to find more information ?

Once you have happily evaluated and want to publish the beautiful apps that you create please feel free to visit the dedicated website created for 8th at Tenet Technetronics to find more information on buying the tool !

For any further assistance , please feel free to contact us at info@tenettech.com and we would be more than happy to help.


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