Faculty development program on Scilab @ St. Mary Groups of Institution, Hyderabad

A two-day Faculty development program on scilab was conducted for the faculty at the St. Mary Groups of Institution, Hyderabad. This workshop was organized by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering in association with Tenet Technetronics.

Scilab is a numerical computation software that anybody can freely download. Scilab is available under windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Scilab can be downloaded at the following address: http://www.scilab.org/



In this workshop we dealt with the following topics:

  • Introduction to Scilab.
  • Difference between Scilab and Matlab
  • How to get and Install Scilab.
  • Scilab environment.
  • Module manager – Atom Toolbox.
  • Scilab Basics.
  • Image Processing& basic codes.
  • MATLAB Experiments.
  • AMC lab Experiments.
  • Basic Simulation lab Experiments.

Here are the some of the pictures taken during the workshop.


It was a very much interactive workshop; the faculties of St. Mary College were so co-operative. The training session went in a pleasant manner with lot of knowledge sharing sessions on Scilab. The interaction with the faculty was so good and college members were so co-operative.  At the end of the workshop faculty came to know about the Scilab basics and various lab experiments that are based on Scilab.



For more information & hosting a similar workshop in your institution, feel free to contact us at info@tenettech.com

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