Raspberry Pi – IOT Faculty Development Program @ St. Mary Group of institutions, Hyderabad

IOT (Internet Of Things) the word has to be the talk of the town these days and also starting to create more connect between devices and the networks/clouds/databases is getting traction even in the academic circles.

Imagine if the systems of the day connects with people, assets, process and devices with the factory to the field with in and out of the things and how they can be visualized,monitored, analyzed and act according to the data fetched through. This brings in not only new avenues but also means more learning on the way. The two main areas of interest for learning has been the edge devices/end nodes and the cloud software which includes post processing on the cloud.

With the Internet of Things no doubt we can use our resources fuller and in efficient manner. Data logged at every moment is an asset for industries which we can solve even the complex issue by analyzing and processing the data in the real time in the industrialist environment.


In the vision of future St. Mary Group of institutions, Hyderabad conducted theRaspberry Pi IOT Faculty Development Program as well as Hands on workshop which was delivered by Tenet Technetronics,Bangalore. In that workshop we discussed briefly about the IOT and Rasp pi and then we had hands on that touched upon various aspects of the raspberry pi like installing & booting of OS ,python programming , executing some basic program and interfacing basic peripherals like blinking a LED , push button interface ,controlling a real time AC device based on a timer ,sensor interaction using python and then finally we delivered a note and also demonstrated the core part on how to create a web pages and also go about creating remote calls using the network connectivity to control devices using a web browser.




A lot of micro-controllers, popular development tools centered around processors have been making the news saying that they are next big thing in the IOT world but nevertheless we at Tenet Technetronics feel that there is no one solution for all since platforms are a way to solve problems and problems are heterogeneous in nature and hence the more we discover we see more requirements.

With an Estimated 35000 million that is predicted to be the share of IOT market in the coming year in a brighter note colleges/universities in India have decided to adapt the industrialist environment and want to train their student according to the industrialist needs. As a part of their steps towards their vision they include the Internet Of Things in their syllabus too.

All in all a great learning experience given that this time around it was the professors and not the student community. The professors were so interested and fascinated by this IOT workshop and indented to take their student in the industrialist environment with the help of IOT syllabus in their curriculum.A sneak peak of the syllabus that is put out for IOT.


It was great pleasure for TENET TECHNETRONICS to have conducted this Faculty Development Program as well as workshop on IOT at St.Mary Group of institutions(IT dept.) on 19.11.15, Hyderabad.

For more information & hosting a similar program in your institution, feel free to contact us at info@tenettech.com or please visit http://varsity.tenettech.com

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