First flight experience-ArduCopter

First flight experience-ArduCopter




ArduCopter is a multi rotor flying machine that is controlled by ArduPilot microcontroller board which is an award winning platform that won the 2012 and 2014 UAV Outback Challenge competitions. It is based in the Atmega2560 microcontroller. The DIY Arducopter kit is available in our website which can be purchased and following the instructions provided you can fly your own arducopter and have fun.


  • Programmable 3D way points
  • Return to launch
  • Inflight reset
  • Fully programmable actions at waypoints
  • Stabilization options
  • Fly By Wire mode
  • Optimization of 3 or 4 channel airplanes.
  • Flight Simulations.CAUSION: Quad-copter has high speed rotating propellers which may cause serious damage to living beings or property if in case of accidents or failure reduce the throttle to minimum position.

    Initial steps:

    • Place the arducopter on a flat surface free from obstacles in an open area keeping the forward position opposite to your position.
    • Mount the fully charged LiPo battery firmly to the copter and connect it with the copter power terminal.
    • Switch on the transmitter and check the transmitter is connected (LED turns solid from blinking).
    • ARM the arducopter by holding the throttle down and pulling to the right for five seconds.
    • The propellers stars to rotate in a minimum threshold value indicating that the arducopter is ready to fly.
      Initial setup
      Flying ArduCopter:

      Take off the arducopter by raising the throttle gently above 40 to 50 % so that the copter raises up in the air at the rate of the throttle applied.


       When the copter attains the desired altitude control its altitude to be stable by careful throttle adjustments.

      Stable flight

      Fly the copter to various positions (Forward, Backward, Right or Left) by adjusting the Aileron, Elevator, Roll and pitch controls in the radio transmitter.

      surfing around

      Landing ArduCopter:

      Land the copter on a flat surface by gently lowering the throttle allowing the copter to descend and adjust the position of landing using the direction controls. Once the copter is safely on ground close the throttle channel to minimum and wait for 10 seconds for the arducopter to de-arm the propellers automatically.

      Taking off

      Enjoy piloting your ArduCopter but do not forget safety measurements.

      by ANAND

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