Tenet being part of GATEC magazine…

Tenet Technetronics is more than happy to be a part of GATEC magazine by promoting the Ettus product named Universal Software Radio Peripherals which provides a flexible way to innovate a new things in wireless communication and signal processing areas using the concepts of software defined radio.


One of the core lessons of innovation which is getting more and more traction is, everyone need to keep gaining knowledge and insights from outside of our comfort zone like visiting technical exhibitions, conferences and having look on magazines which pave way to the gateway of knowledge.

Recently Department of Electronics and communications of Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru has brought out the magazine named ‘GATEC’.


GATEC plants the idea about innovation and provides the insight about technology integration. It also forwards the flavour of diverse area of technologies like Sixth sense technology, Augmented reality and gaming technology.

Tenet Technetronics is privileged to be a part of GATEC magazine from Global Academy of Technology…!

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