Accessing XBee I/O’s of XBee Series 2 and communicating in API Mode

When I first got started to work with XBee in API mode, I had a hard time getting the right information to help me on the projects I was working on. I put my project on hold and spent a few days simply trying to understand XBee specifically to access the XBee I/O’s.


Initially I took two XBee series 2 radio modules, configured one module to work as Coordinator and other module as Router. I formed 2 Packets from Coordinator to the control the LED which is directly connected to the D0 Pin of the Router XBee, so that when I send the first packet from Coordinator to Router, the LED connected to D0 pin of the Router turns to ON state, similarly when I send the second packet the LED turns to OFF state.

The main reason why I choose XBee to communicate in API mode was due to Acknowledge option i.e. I can get an acknowledge status of the transmission signal. This will help pretty much to effectively use the XBee in whatever project I’m working on.

To know the procedure to the Accessing XBee I/O’s of XBee Series 2 and communicating them in API Mode, please click on the link for the application note,


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