Buy any Development board and get a GPIO board for just Rs99

We may have used many basic circuits but a ready to use Input and Output circuits are always important to experiment with any microcontroller. Now buy any Development boards from Tenet Technetronics and get a Universal GPIO board for just Rs99.


The Universal GPIO board’s ease of handling scores over and is widely used wherein people want to experiment basic circuits. The Universal GPIO board is one such board designed by Tenet Technetronics that serves as a ready to use Input and Output circuit. The Universal GPIO board costs Rs250 if purchased separately.

The Universal GPIO Board is very useful for beginners, hobbyist and students. It is suitable for carrying out quick experiments with any development boards like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Udoo, MSP430, Beaglebone etc and it lets you access numerous peripheral devices. It provides access to pins through male connectors for wiring to the microcontroller development board.

For information on the Universal GPIO board, please click on the links given below:-

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