Arduino boards in stock with Tenet Technetronics, dispatching the same day

Tenet Technetronics has a stock of all the versions of Arduino boards. “Dispatching the same day” is the slogan and Tenet Technetronics is proud to serve the customers who are in need of the Arduino boards at the earliest. And Tenet Technetronics is one of the distributors for Arduino.


Millions of people around the world have been saying yes to Arduino since the microprocessor platform was launched in 2005. Yes to coding; yes to creativity; yes to tweeting plants and cats; yes, most of all, to the satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from turning an idea into reality. The combination of user-friendly, connectable hardware, open source software and accessible programming language has made the Arduino prototyping system beloved by designers, hobbyists, artists and engineers. Really, you can do almost anything.

Place an order now before the stock lasts and enjoy the versatility of these boards. We will dispatch the products immediately and will get delivered at the earliest. The Arduino boards that falls on the slogan “Dispatching the same day” are:-

  • Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Due
  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Arduino Yun
  • Arduino Ethernet shield
  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • Arduino Starter Kit (Arduino make)

We would also love to see your Arduino projects. If you have bought some Arduino boards from Tenet Technetronics, please email us your content to our Email id or share the links on our Facebook page, and we will feature it on the page dedicated to Your Projects.

To place an order, please click on the link given below,

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