SOIC-8 pin DIP Breakout Board

It is always found that prototyping has been difficult when it comes to the context of using SMD ICs. In order to accelerate the pace of prototyping Tenet Technetronics has introduced the SOIC-8 pin DIP Breakout board. These breakout board ease the use of SOIC-8 easily play with them by placing them on a breadboard. Hence you can easily solder the SMD components like LM386, 555, LM358 and so many 8-pin IC’s with this breakout board.


This breakout PCB will make connection much easier and help prototyping and testing faster than ever.  This is a blank breakout board with 8-pin SOIC. Two rows of pads are provided, on 0.1″ centres, to accommodate standard 0.025″ square pins, round pins, or wires. It is designed to plug into a standard wide DIP socket or a breadboard. The boards are end-to-end stackable so that multiple units may be plugged into a breadboard or socket, side by side. Solder your chip with the IC and headers and you’re ready to rock even with SMD components.

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