Android meets Arduino Workshop(14th & 15th Dec)…

It was a great weekend, as we hosted the Android meets Arduino Workshop. 

The participants were so enthusiastic to develop their own android app during the training session.

We are listing some of the apps which are very useful for the beginners. Normally we are concentrating on using peripherals available on Arduino.

Each participant was given with assignments to create apps. Kindly find the details of developed apps below: 

1.      Bluetooth Check

This app is very easy to create, as well as the purpose is also very simple. This app will help us to check whether our android mobile or tablets has inbuilt Bluetooth or not. In android based devices the mode for wireless communicates is either through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Before we start to create Bluetooth app the very first thing we need to check is whether the android device is having Bluetooth or Not. So this is the very first thing we need to check if we are developing Bluetooth based apps.

2.     Bluetooth

The purpose of this app is to turn on & turn off the Bluetooth available in our android devices. Normally we cannot have the access to the Bluetooth without user permission. This app helps us to have the user permission to access it. Here we are also listing the paired devices.

3.     Wi-Fi

Likewise Bluetooth, here we are creating apps for accessing Wi-Fi. These apps will turn on and turn off Wi-Fi; probably every android device will have Wi-Fi so we can use this app.

4.     Sensors

Android devices come with inbuilt sensors. Some devices can have different sensors from the manufacturers. We can have access to those sensors. Before access we need to know the available sensors in the device. This app helps us to list all of the sensors available in an android device.

5.     GPS

This app will display the current GPS position using the GPS available in the device. 

6.     Camera

This app will give us the access to the camera of the device and take picture, also set the same picture as a Background image.

7.     Send SMS

Sending and receiving SMS is one of the interesting things in Android. We can send SMS through this App.

You can also the Download the apps in the below link.

Download: (3 downloads)

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