AVR pocket programmer solution for windows7

I had a project on Arduino, while doing that I did some mistake so suddenly Atmega328 IC has burnt. So what to do… Obviously I bought the new Atmega328 controller but it doesn’t come with boot loader. After some research I found that AVR pocket programmer for burning boot loader.

I think you people might be thinking what is bootloader.

Microcontrollers are usually programmed through a programmer. This is a piece of hardware that you have to make or build…… Unless you have a boot loader in your microcontroller you can’t upload the program without any external programmer. This piece of software is called a bootloader.

So, first if you’re doing anything on those microcontrollers you need a bootloader burnt on those chips.

So, now when I was connecting AVR pocket programmer to my PC again I need to install programmer drivers for windows. I found that drivers in sparkfun.com but was unable to install the drivers on windows 7. After some days finally I got the solution for this so that I have written the tutorial and attached the drivers for windows 7(32bit and 64 bit). Hope it will be useful for newcomers.

Please check out the below image for detailed information.


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