Remotely Access Raspberry Pi using MobaXterm


This blog is very useful for the users who want to remotely access your raspberry pi without dedicated monitor,keyboard and mouse.Eventhough raspberry pi is a cheaper solution for SBC most of geeks/ hobbiyst are hesitating to buy raspberry pi because of the dedicated Monitor,Keyboard and Mouse which is expensive.To avoid this issuse we can go with VNC,but i want this with something richer output.So it is overcome by one special tool called MobaXterm.Here the place can get the rich GUI using x11 forwarding. The steps are very straightforward.



It brings you the linux commands to windows system.The following network utilities are available with MobaXterm.For more details go through the following link. Installation procedure: (Only Windows User)

Step 1:

Downloading MobaXterm software from the following link and install it in your system.

Step 2:


Click the installer Version


Open the Downloaded Software


Click Next in the setup wizard


Accept the terms and condition and click Next


Go to the all programs and open the MobaXterm Personal Edition.


Step 3:

Click new session


Step 4:

 Click SSH and OK


Step 5:

Enter your raspberry pi IP address in the Remote host


step 6:

Select the LXDE desktop and click OK.


Step 7:

                        It will prompt your for login.Enter your Pi’s user name and password.


Step 8:

Finally you will get rich GUI in your windows system.


File Transfer Between your raspberry pi and your system

Step 1:

Create a new session with Interactive shell remote Environment as per the screenshots given below, then in the left side you will get a FTP panel.From there you can upload your system file to Pi and as well as you can download Pi file to your system.


Step 2:

                        Click upload icon to upload your files to Raspberry Pi


Step 3:

If you want  the file from Raspberry Pi select the file right click and download as per the image shown below.



Step 4:

Select the path where you want to save the file and click OK.


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