Low Cost Arduino Workshop @ Tenet Technetronics…

We have a series of events planned for the month of July and August. We are planning to host a low cost one day workshop program on Arduino and we have decided to have this workshop conveniently run on all weekends starting the First week of July to encourage more users to start using the Arduino!

This workshop give you the opportunity to grab an Arduino clone board (‘An Indian made Arduino’) Comet at just Rs 1000/- (Including the training charge). Comet is a clone of the famous Arduino Duemilanove that we developed. We thought that cloning the hardware is fully in the spirit of open source as well as making the boards at a high quality on par with the original boards was a “Must Have” factor.


We also have made sessions and the course setup will be posted online very soon. We are planning to close out registration for the workshops every Thursday for a week, so mark your calendars to be reminded of the last dates!

For more information regarding the sessions please feel free to write to us at info@tenettech.com

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