Awesome Touch screen expansion for Beagle Bone Black….!

TFT LCD touchscreens have been a common sight in todays embedded systems and it’s no exception with the Beagle Bone Black that users prefer the interaction with their system with a touch screen LCD panel. Our web-store currently started carrying these TFT modules and these boards come with operating system built with support for the TFT LCD as well as touchscreen.


Available along with this are a set of exciting additional features and have listed them that stand out:

Beagle Bone Black Expansion features:


  • 7-inch LCD 1024 x 600 pixels resolution
  • Capacitive touch (5 point touch). Covered with Armor-plated Glass.
  • Three-axis digital accelerometer.
  • 5x user buttons.
  • 2x RS232 (Rx, Tx and GND).
  • 2x RS485.
  • CAN Bus.
  • Buzzer.
  • 2x User LED.
  • Audio input/output.


  • Android 4.1: To support the LCD and touch panel.
  • WinCE 6.0: Provide Wince6.0 BSP, SDK.

What´s in the box:

  • Expansion board with LCD touch screen.
  • Board connectors.
  • Software DVD.
    • Includes Android 4.1 prebuilt file and kernel source code (image for microSD card)
    • Includes BIN of WinCE6
    • ezSDK Prebuilt file and Kernel Source.

Our application engineers could get Android as well as WinCE version supplied by the vendor to get up and running on this beautiful piece of display and presented in the below video demonstration.

We are having a huge demand for these displays and also are accepting pre-orders for the same. So hurry up to get one of these at your desk to play around with the Beagle Bone Black.

For more information please feel free to send us an email at

Stay tuned to our BlogSpot for more update on Beagle Bone Black and its touch screen expansions.

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