Arduino One Day Workshop…..!!!

Seeing the amount of queries that our customers are writing up to our team it clearly showcases that there needs to be a more formal training that could ramp up the skill sets that are required to play with Arduino.

Tenet Technetronics is offering its first workshop on Arduino for one day with hands-on session this April 27th. Also the two days Arduino inventor workshop i.e. on April 27th & 28th. The syllabi for the workshop are drafted with the right mix of theory as well as practical sessions.

This workshop would definitely serve as a jump start platform and get a hang of the whole new exciting world of microcontrollers and of course serve as an eye opener into the different set of applications that could be achieved using these little tiny innovative circuit boards!



Hurry up and register since we have very limited seats for this session.

For details on the workshop syllabus please refer to the link here. If you need more info you could also send us an email at and our training coordinators can assist as well!

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