Tenet Arduino with Cookbook Kit for hobbyist

Kit Contents Overview

Arduino with Cookbook kit has everything that you need to get started with Arduino, the open-source electronics prototyping platform that’s taken the design and hobbyist. This kit comes with our best-selling Arduino Cookbook , you’ll be able to start building electronics projects that can sense and react to the physical world. You can connect Arduino to your computer using a USB cable and start playing. With the free software available from the Arduino web site, you can start writing simple programs (called “sketches” in Arduino) and move on up to more complex examples. 

Create your own toys, remote controllers, alarms, detectors, robots, and many other projects with the Arduino development board. This simple microcontroller lets artists and designers build a variety of amazing objects and prototypes that interact with the physical world. With this Arduino cookbook kit you can dive right in and experiment with more than a hundred tips and techniques, no matter what your skill level is.

Arduino with Cookbook offers you with a lot of useful circuits with complete descriptions, diagrams and sample codes which excites the kick starter to build lot of innovative and simple circuits. I hope this kit will make you to move ahead with your technical stuff in a more enjoyable way.

Arduino with Cookbook kit which comes at an affordable price and is complete with circuit diagrams, components and instructions ensuring you are successful in completing it.


 Basic set of Tools Required by a beginner

1 x Breadboard
1 x Wire Stripper
1 x Set-Hookup Wires

1 x 12v/1A Adaptor

1 x USB Cable

1 x Arduino UNO R3

1 x Jumper wire F/F(pack of 10)

1 x Power supply breakout (12v and 5v)

1 x Arduino Cookbook

Basic Components

1 x push button
1 x 10k pot
1 x 1k Resistor
1 x Mixed Led’s(pack of 10)
1 x 10k Resistor

1 x Relay(5v)

1 x Buzzer

Display Components
1 x 7-segment display
1 X RGB Led
1 x 16*2 Lcd display


1 x LDR

1 x IR sensor

1 x PIr sensor

1 x LM35

 Misc Components

1 x Buzzer
1 x ULN2803

1 x 74hc595

1 x L293D

1 x DC Motor(5v)

1 x Stepper motor(1kg torque)
1 x Mini servo motor

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