In continuation with our earlier blog with regards to Scilab, we have created our user manual which will guide you through “Installation of Scilab Software”.

The manual consist of Scilab Basic Codes and you can try executing these codes in your environment.

We have also made manual on SIVP Toolbox for image processing.

This Manual includes:

     Installation steps for SIVP Image processing tool box

          Image Processing Design Toolbox

          Scilab image and video processing toolbox

     Basic Scilab Code

          Displaying a Image & Playing a video in SCILAB

          Reading a video in RGB and playing in Grayscale

          Calculates the gray level histogram for an image

          Edge detection in an image

          Cropping a image in Scilab

          Adding a Gaussian noise to the image

          Adding salt & pepper noise to the image

You can download these manuals by clicking the ICONS mentioned below. 

       Image      Installation Step for SVIP Image

Stay tuned to our blogs as well as Varsity Website to hear more on the upcoming training offerings on the Scilab platform.

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