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 “Internet of Things (IOT)” is a buzz word these days and Tenet Technetronics is no behind in providing the right tools to get you started on your next IOT project. The Arduino base boards along with the Ethernet shield form an inexpensive as well as an easy to start platform for IOT. With the ease of the software libraries that exists for the Arduino it is indeed fun to get things up and running on these boards with the least development time involved. These boards allowone to easily connect an Arduino to the internet and Enables interact with the internet as well as network of choice. What this means is a lot of things!

What can I build with an Arduino Ethernet Shield Combination? Here are some crazy ideas to get you started!

  • A twitter controlled micro wave oven, Air conditioner, Lights.Etc.
  • An Arduino email worker that sends out Christmas, New Year greetings to thousands of friend around the world!
  • Internet Controlled robots! (Of course robots could clean a floor as well and need not be complicated)
  • Educational platform to demonstrate TCP/IP, UDP protocols in classrooms.
  • An Internet connected data logger talking to platforms like pachube, thingspeak..etc

      Imagine a social network of devices with devices talking to each other performing progressive stuff! May be this is what could be called a Social Device network!

      Hurry up to order one of your Base Arduino (Arduino UNO, Leonardo or Mega) and an Arduino Ethernet Shield and kindle your imagination to build an awesome New Year project! 


For more information on the above mentioned boards. Kindly go through the below mentioned links.

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