Blizzardpack: The Complete package for your project…..

Planning to start a multimedia project but not sure which component suits your deal. Confused in selection of baseboard and peripherals suits your project? Need not worry, as Blizzardpack provides all those options required to drive your imagination.

Blizzardpack with Camera Module

Blizzardpack is one development board that provides you every feature that completes your project. For storage and communications, a standard network RJ-45 LAN is at your service as well as WIFI (802.11b/g). You can easily connect USB peripherals and for storage the micro-SD is there to make development fast and painless. For applications where you need to communicate remotely you can add a mini-PCIe 3G UMTS datamodule with SIM card.

Planning to interface camera and displays to your project, even there is a solution for that. For multimedia interfaces you can add a TCM-500A camera module, have the speakers/microphone at your deposal and have TTL, LVDS, HDMI, VGA, S-video interfaces to connect to any display you can think of.

Did I mention you that this development kit comes with standard Linux 2.6 kernel and also supports Android, Angstrom, Qt and openembedded. A true development kit that let you focus on your application and also helps you to build creative things.

For more information kindly go through the link mentioned below.