Tenet's New office space in Bangalore, India in the making – Real DIY style Again

It is with great pleasure that i am writing this blog post as i officially open up photographs of the new office space that we are building all by ourselves. Now what is special about it ?

As you all may know this is the second time in this year that we ran out of space and had to really make a push to again expand our working space. 

Increase in dollar to rupee valuation, increase in VAT and local taxes as well as in general the fuel prices for sure is continuing to make the e-commerce business a tough task for all companies out there and Tenet Technetronics is no exception. The decision to spin off a new workplace is purely driven by basis of employee satisfaction, better customer experience and of course to accomodate more DIY experiments and hacks (Stay tuned to our blogs to see some real cool workshops and hacking sessions that are lined up in the near future). 

This time around it was again a great learning experience building the whole workplace ourselves with no contracts or interior designers involved and it seems like we are doing a good job getting the whole place shaped up well ! 

The new office space could surely be termed a real "DIY Work Place"  built ground up starting from the selection of wood, framing structures , Laying down intranet networks, setting up servers , designing structures in 3D ..etc ..etc 

The Tenet 2.0 office that Tenetians rightly term, this is an amazing thing for us as a company to look behind and cherish in the future. This expanded office should soon be open for operations in the second or 3rd week of July 2012 as we are seeing it today. 

What is it for Customers ?

* We could open up ourselves for customers wanting to schedule more meetings with our technical support teams on site. (Priority 1 request from customers)

* More  Demonstrations of products could be arranged at our facility and parallely.

* There would be more parallel track Trainings that we will start holding. So don’t be surprised if you could take up workshops at any weekend or weekday or even long term and short term courses. (Stay tuned to hear more from our training division).

* Co-Working and hacking : Yes you heard it right ! We have dedicated labs for people wanting to experiment and hack with us ! (More info in future : Stay tuned) 

* Inventory and store outlet ! (You can dial in , order components and pick them up from our outlet )

And much more ….

For now here are some pics that i could pull out this morning while writing this post. we are planning to put up a complete list of pictures later once we doc the whole thing ! 



If you have more queries, please feel free to shoot out an email at info@tenettech.com or tweet or write out a facebook comment and as always we would be happy to get back and chat !