Tenet Technetronics at Droidcon assisting the arrowboat.org team

It was a great experience for our application engineers to be part of this event and be able to interact with the arrowboat.org team as well as engineers from TI. 

Mr Khasim demoed the beaglebone running android as well as explained in detail about the strengths of the hardware and its open nature and also the number of peripheral support that was in built in the processor. The processor that is the heart of the beaglebone is available for as just 5$ and we expect a lot of designs and smart systems to be built around these in the near future. 

We also has a chance to interact with Mr Joshi and it was amazing to hear the progress that the pandaboard community is making as well. More than 9000 boards were sold during the first year of introduction and its also  amazing to see the response for pandaboards in our online shops too ! 

The pandaboard was showcased with the latest "Icecream sandwich"  android distribution and a lot of people were excited to play around with the same in action  !

All in all a great experience and also we made new friends in the community . We hope to attend more such events in the future ! 


Here are some snaps from the event below . 

If you think it would make sense for Tenet Technetronics to be part of an event , please feel free to write in to us at info@tenettech.com