Yahoo weather talks to Arduino and LEDs using Python

It has always been fun to explore a right mix  of software and hardware  to illustrate how electronic products could be put to use. This time around our Application engineers take a look at the LED matrix designed in house to display some meaningful animations. The system that is designed uses an Arduino UNO, LED matrix(16 x 16) and also a Host PC to handle the communication between the Arduino and the internet. Nevertheless one could also surpass the host PC by using an ethernet shield to communicate directly to the yahoo weather through REST calls.

In the recent times one of the most widely discussed topic has been the “cloud computing” and also the possibility of building embedded systems that could use the power of the cloud. This is also geared in one such direction where in all the hard-work of fetching the weather data  on any region in the earth is done by yahoo and the embedded system designed just fetches them to display it meaningfully. In the coming weeks we have a series of tutorials lined up focusing on this topic. Also planned is a workshop on python and specifically interfacing it with the hardware platforms like Arduino which is scheduled some time next month.

For the codes as well as schematics of the system presented in the video, refer the below document

Also provided below are some useful links for further reading and exploration :

Python weather API 

Py-serial API to communicate to the serial port 

A good Python online book to refer

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