Working At Tenet Technetronics !

This week around I planned to write something non-technical and here is my post talking about the “Work Life At Tenet” .

At this post we focus on the Hardware Team at Tenet. Mr.Jayakumar leads the hardware and PCB design team and Mr.Pandi is our Arduino AE.

One of the admirable things about the hardware team has always been the way they keep their work area neat and clean and you could observe the same in the photographs below.

This team mainly focuses on coming up with new hardware designs and also some addon cards that can be easily used with the popular microcontrollers/FPGA..etc.

Multitasking is purely a common scene at Tenet. The team tries to build code on one hand  and get the PCB design done on the other , there is always a juggle !

Thorough analysis of problems is an encouraged practise and some times it gets on to a level where people tend to analyze snacks that they consume. For sure Proteins are good and as u can see our engineers try to maintain good levels .

We strongly believe in connecting with friends and be as updated as possible ! Using social networks like twitter, facebook ..etc is a commonly found practise to connect with peer hackerspaces, design engineers, friends ..etc . Pandi is tweeting his video tutorials as well as getting his facebook page reflect his video tutorials !

We strongly believe that hungry developers cannot code well ! Biscuits, Chips and peanuts (fried) are some of the favourites with this team ! We have a varied taste accross teams and you could find them in our future posts in this section.

We may not be a huge organization in terms of the facilities and infrastructure but i believe we enjoy work and deliver the best possible services to our customers . If you are an interested individual trying to find a workplace like this , send in your updated resume to with the following details:

  • Projects that u have worked on .
  • What do u think you could do at Tenet ?
  • Skillsets (hardware/software)

and anything else exciting that you would want to share !

In the following weeks we plan to document more departments at Tenet !