New Products update

As stated earlier in the blog there are a lot of new products that we plan to roll out this year and we are ready with the PCBs for the first 24 of them. This is one of our major efforts in the last few years and we wanted make sure we get all the products that users woud like us to make and roll it out in one shot. The products range from a simple peripheral (Buzzers, accelerometers ) that could be used along with the microcontrollers/FPGA ..etc to some shields that are clones to the boards that quite often are needed to be imported, to some artistic PCBs.

We are planning to assemble these and make them available on our online store as fast as we can and based on the response we would roll out the next cycle of development.

we are also open to ideas from customers on what they would like us to build and we will make all efforts to make sure that we roll out the product of your interest.

For any queries, suggestions contact us at