David cuartielles's visit to Tenet Technetronics

It was indeed immense pleasure to have had a chance to meet David (C0-Founder of Arduino) at Tenet. It was a short notice that we had a confirmation that he is going to visit us and merely had any chance to call up our  customers, designers ..etc but nevertheless a great learning experience.

We showcased some of the products that we were about to make public and he was encouraging to patiently look at all of them and also provide his feedback.

We were about to learn how the Arduino idea started how they started up the group exciting business story . I personally could talk to him on some of the concerns on pricing as well as systems that kept the pricing at what it is today for the Arduino’s and it was great that he pretty much understood the local scenario and said they are making lot of efforts to bring it down !

Its been 4 years since we started Tenet and this visit of David really motivates us to do much more better and serve more customers better !

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