TI Analog – A promising set of ASICs for real time applications

We have been slowly starting to be more patriotic on using TI tools and very excited the way things are well documented for use !

A couple of weeks ago we  got to play with the launchpad and now its turn for the Analog product offerings from TI.

This week we decided to design one of the most common thing that is found around the corners these days yes the weight machine!

We decided to build it with the least possible components and we first went through the offerings from TI and then finalized on using their Instrumentation Amplifiers.

We selected the INA125p and then for the selection of the gain we used a potentiometer. We bought a load cell that could measure weights approximately upto 200Kgs !

Then we decided to provide some interfaces to interact with the circuit built through an Arduino and then came in the idea of making the whole setup as as shield!

Now that is it and here we are launching our first shield for arduino called the loadcell shield !

Below is a demo video on how this whole thing works ! We are currently testing out and the shield will be soon available on our stores !

Let us know if you need one so that we can pre-order one for you ! send in your enquiries to info@tenettech.com

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