FPGA LED Matrix with UART interface

We are very excited to post in our next video on the progress that we made in interacting with the LED MATRIX display that we plan to build as part of our next fun project  !

The design now comprises of

  • A Font Library Built into the FPGA
  • A UART controller on FPGA
  • The LED Matrix controller.

Altera’s In System Memory editor tool really helped us create this design with very less effort and also saved us from the pain of writing the whole memory block !

We are also planning to play around a little bit with the feasibility to use Altera’s NIOS II Soft Core to see how we could get benefited with the same !

FPGAs are really fun to play around provided you have the basics of digital electronics in place !

We are planning to put in place an workshop event soon !

Please stay tuned with the blog to see when is it happening !

Also please feel free to email us for more queries at info@tenettech.com

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