Engineering education and employment opportunities in INDIA

Its been a great journey over the last three years at TENET . Tenet was started by young engineering graduates with a very mere investment and with not much knowledge of business. Its been a great experience to have an Year on Year growth rate of 120%  and increase in human resource at 100%.

Now that we have a working business model we really want to see more engineering graduates to join hands with us to get the momentum going. We carried out a short survey on how the current scenario of engineering education is and how we could help ourselves shape a better future .

The list of engineering colleges in INDIA is astonishing , a break up of the number of colleges in all the states in INDIA is captured below :

Now that we have the numbers , lets look at some  reports and views  that capture the number of employed graduates , the current state of engineering education in INDIA

A report from the MIT

Some of the excerpts from these reports:

  • Engineering oversupply: More students headed for graduate education
  • Fresh graduates from engineering programs have three primary career options:
    1) Employment
    2) Higher Education – India – M.E./M.Tech. or MBA
    3) Higher Education – Abroad – MS or MB
  • Inadequate skilled faculty in Engineering schools.
  • Only 8000 PHDs an year as compared to 50,000 in nations like china.

Common remedies that the engineering student community expects :

  • Government should step in to create more employment opportunities
  • MNCs and Tier I companies like TCS, Infosys, Mahindra ..etc should recruit more and more graduates an year !
  • Expect engineering schools that educate them to set up  campus recruitments .

The bottom line is that as graduates today we are dependent on lot of external factors to shape our future and take up a career path.

The reports above no matter prove that engineering in INDIA is at its worst shape possible. Also evident is that only the brightest graduate can survive in this competitive market.Having arrived on this juncture, its now time to see what are our reactions on these issues and also think on remedies to curb them.

We strongly believe that finding solutions to these issues are key points that can enable a better situation than the present. In this view there are a few approaches to this

  • An individual thinking reform .
  • A group initiative.
  • A corporate initiative.
  • Initiative from engineering faculty.
  • Engineers abroad.

Individual Thinking :

As engineers we  thought to analyze, design as well as develop solutions to problems.We strongly believe that applying this to real life problems will sort most of the issues. Some of the thinking reform that can be brought about:

  • Stop depending on others and set out to do things on own. Engineers could set out to develop business models of their own and create opportunities for themselves.Its a difficult thing to do but not impossible.

What can TENET do to help you out in this endeavor ?

If you have a business model that you think can do well, go ahead and send us out a presentation to showcase what you have in mind. We can definitely review them and also discuss them in person .We have been planning to keep ourselves open for discussions on Sundays to meet people and it would be a great opportunity to learn and meet all of you out there. If you are out of Bangalore, we can set up to meet you on skype , gtalk, …etc

What could you propose ?

Anything related to engineering and science. Starting from marketing, sales, design, art , we dont have any restrictions until the proposed model is ethical and genuine.

Important HINT : “Low investment of money and Exorbitant hard-work, and fun .

Group initiative.

Its always been fun to be in groups when we graduate and it would be great to have the same group of friends all through life as well in a career.As a group you know the strengths of  your peers and would be comfortable working with them as well. If you think as a group you could be great then sketch out your ideas and lets us know and we could see how we could reach out to you.

Some ideas to think :

  • Form a branch for TENET in other states in INDIA.
  • Develop more open source hardware/Software
  • New marketing /sales model for products …etc

Send us a profile of your group, what you set out to do and what do you expect from TENET and what are your targeted outcomes.

Corporate initiative.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to return some thing to the engineering community, we are always open to support . If you think you could support ideas from young graduates like this, we could share their ideas with you and we would be happy to see if you could benefit from the ideas from these enthusiastic graduates to benefit all.

If you think you have business models that could be executed with young graduate groups of varying talent levels and feel that it could help graduates develop a successful career path , please feel free to suggest ideas.It could be out of the box ideas that could attract followers and probably contribute your current organizational growth.

We think experience really counts and initiatives like these from corporates will set an example to the world and improve living standards for Engineers.

Initiative from engineering faculty.

Teachers are real pillars for life and knowledge they impart and their service is incomparable. Its always been a dream for lot of students to study at the IITs, NITs and most of the time its a dream that never gets fulfilled. It would be great if professors, teachers, lecturers set out with a mission to reach out to all students and create a healthy learning environment.We strongly believe that teachers as moderators present in executing a business model will certainly create a huge impact .

If you are a faculty and want to encourage your students as well as moderate some ideas and provide guidelines to young engineers we would be happy to cater such a mission.We are ready to share ideas that you think you could moderate well so that your guidance can help an individual or a group to grow better.

Engineers abroad

Globalization in business has been a must learn factor for all entrepreneurs. How do we get to know these opportunities in an affordable way is a question ? Who can help us out ?

We think its  a matter of sharing experience and it would be great if our fellow Indians help us out to know the world  out of the Indian borders in terms of business and commerce . If you think that the business models that these engineers suggest are worth a globalization factor and you could guide them to achieve the same then the growth rate of the business model would definitely gain a momentum.

Please write to us if you think your ideas need some followers and we can help you to form a team in  INDIA.

Now comes the real question

Why is TENET proposing all This ?

We are focusing on this approach since we feel we could benefit the community as well as grow individually and also create a chance to millions of graduates who have ideas but need resources and people to support them to grow.

What are we expecting to achieve out of this ?

TENET as such is a small company and cannot afford to provide employment and all we can do at this stage is to atleast create employments as well as grow a  community driven organization with a financial gain to both followers as well as idea power houses.

Are we expecting financial investments to achieve all this  ?

NO… NOT at all

All ideas that we suggested till now requires no or minimum investment that we can afford. All we are expecting are ideas and an ethical and community oriented support to improve the current scenario of graduates, and above all we are expecting your time in order to be able to do this.

Currently we are looking out for volunteers to drive this and if you think you could make a contribution, please feel free to contact us at

I will soon be creating a twitter as well as a forum based on the feedback that we receive enabling people to shell out there view too.

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